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7.2.() ½Ʃ(̹ ½Ʃ 6:30)

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Photo by Mami()


Ŀ ƼƮ-- ½Ʃ


""̶ Ͻó?


ս ġ̼ յ ׾߸ 'Ŀ´Ƽ Ʈ'  ϴ ȸ Դϴ.

Ŀ븮 ֹε ڿ, Ŀ븮 ֹε '' ġ̼ ֿԴϴ.

Ҿ, ֿ ( ׶Ѿ Nguyen Anh Tuan/Mami г)

° װ dzϰ .


6:30½Ʃ , ٸ ?


׶Ѿ Nguyen Anh Tuan(г:_mami) Ʈ , ðо

ϴ ս ƼƮ ־ ƼƮԴϴ.

۾ Ŀ븮 Žκ ۵Ǿϴ. Ŀ븮 ֹε ħ ð

ĵ , 󿡼 ɸ , ȭ 鼭 ֱⰣ ½ϴ.


ν緹̼ ۾ Ŀ븮 20 ̷, ڴ Ŀ븮 ϴ Ӵ, ҸӴϵ̸, װ ٰ ̾߱⸦ , Դϴ.

Ʃ 󡯿 ȭο ð ð ϴ ׶ ġ ̸, μ 츮 ޽ Ƿ ˾ 𸣰ڽϴ.


۾ Ʈ


200ä κ ε鸸 ִ Ƹ Ŀ븮 ŽϿ.

̰ ſ ȭο δ. µ, ð ٸ ,

ȭ ġ, ð, . ο , ׸

ū ÷ ̵ߴ. ̵鿡 ֱ ׵ ̵

÷ . ׷, Ŀ븮 ̵鵵, ׵ ô ϴ.

б 󱳵Ǿ ȸ ̻ ʴ ó δ.


ù ſ Ҵ. , ̰ ϴ ϴ

(װ ʿ ִ) ˱ 𿩾ɾִ ҸӴϵ .

׵ ģϰ ʴ߰ ŵ ־. ׵ ̵

ϰ ߴ.


̹ Ž ̵ Ǿ, Ŀ븮 ȭ װε,

װ ϰ ˾ƺ ;. ׷ غ ̹ Ʈ װ

ϴ ǹ̰, ȭ Ϻκ ׵ ϴ ׷ ߿ϰ

ٶ󺸾ƾ ϴ ϱ ؼ ̴.

Ʈ ȶ , ݴ ׷ Ȳ ÿ ߻ϴ ִ. ó.


"Whats the mom waiting for?"


I do research in Hooyong village which is very beautiful and quite village

with around 200 houses and almost old people live here. The life here is

seem very peaceful, people work in the farm and spend spare time to gather

in frond of someoneshouse for chatting, playing games, drinking and sharing foods.


Young local people, they moved to cities to study, work, and get more better life.

Adults brought their children with them to the cities to get better education and

better care from themselves and society.

By the reasons, the village to be very quiet without children and social activities.

The schools are abandoned. Business and social offices seem dont exist here.

My first trip to visit the village was very nice. I met a group of grandmothers

who was sitting on the "Pyeong Sang"that is a big stage to welcome people

and gathering ( that normally puts outside of the house).

They kindly invited me to share their drinking and tried to communicate

to me without language.


I got the idea for my researching that wanted to understand and know

what about "Pyeong Sang and public culture in Hooyongri village" nowadays.

What is the meaning of the meeting on Pyeong Sang and the way people share

and think about it? How it to be important and go through into their life

as a part of culture?


About "Whats the mom waiting for?" project,

I borrow 20 "Pyeong Sang" from the village people and install them

in the big yard of Nottle ( the spaces been a primary school before but now transformed into a public space where brings artists come to live and practice art) ,

Then I invite the old woman who owner of "Pyeong Sang"come and share their space

and their life on the state. By showing the private, real life on stage as stories,

drinking, food it shows a problem as two side of one coin that we are desiring

a more comfortable life but in the same time losing a part of emotion.


*Next exhibition in Munich: http://www.rorygillfineart.com/#!tuan-mami-artist-page





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