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In 2010, the city of Flint, Michigan had more arson per capita than any other city in the US. The landscape of this post-industrial city is dramatically changing. A new generation of artists and activists are using their art to address the many social and economic issues facing the community and ask, "what will come next?"

Andrew Morton began the Flint Fires Verbatim Theatre Project with the intention to listen to and call attention to those impacted by arson, respond to this issue in a creative and artistic way, and ignite dialogue, healing and a renewed sense of community. The project was awarded a 2011 University of Michigan Arts of Citizenship Fellowship for Public Scholarship.

A collaboration between students, artists and community members, the project has collected stories on how arson has impacted peoples lives and communities. These stories are being used to create an original piece of theatre that will address this issue and offer a series of performances and opportunities for dialogue in the regions of Flint hardest hit. Performances will take place in late August and early September of this year. 

During his artistic residency at Hooyong Performing Arts Centre, Morton has developed the script for the project. During this evening's open studio he will discuss the project, his process and present excerpts from the script. Following the presentation there will be a discussion on the role the arts can play in promoting dialogue on social issues and the responsibilities of the socially engaged citizen-artist.  

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During his residency Morton also led workshops with local children and young people, using objects recovered from house fires to devise new original stories. The children of Chi-Buyung branch school created a story where a grandfather accidentally burned down his house, so his family built him a new one.


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